Friday 2 May 2014

Education Cartoon-8 & 9

Specialization in Education!!!!

vishal bhadani

Specialization and super-specialization in education means opening a new shop in the larger capitalist market. With this rate, in future if you have a problem in your right eye, you will need to consult different doctor and for your left eye, you will need to consult a different doctor. Try to ask an Arts student about basic science or commerce; s/he would have "specialized" excuses of not knowing it. Same is the case with students "specializing" in science and commerce. They are like:

Leonardo Vinci was an engineer, painter, doctor etc. Aristotle was a biologist, philosopher, critic etc. In Indian tradition Rishis were masters of multiple disciplines like Ayurveda, War, Music, Agriculture to name a few!       

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