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Here are some tasks to develop Paragraph Writing logically....................

The first and the last sentences or parts of the sentences  X & Y respectively given below are in correct order, arrange the sentences A,B,C & D  in the correct order. Choose the correct set as given in options below.
Q. No. 1.
X. Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance.
A. It is used by the body to build cell walls and essential harmones.
B. Cholesterol is carried through the blood by particles called lipoproteins.

C. The  body absorbs it from the animal fats one eats.

D. It is produced by  liver.

Y. Lipoproteins are of two types Low density and High density Lipoproteins.

Q. No. 2.
X. Various studies have found that there is a huge skill gap i.e. the skill set required by the employers and the skill set which job aspirants possess.
A. Employers always seek employees with proper skill set to enhance productivity and reduce cost.

B. Basically skill is a learned capacity to perform a task with least possible resources, time and efforts that enhances the productivity of the employee.

C. Employers seek both hard and soft skills in prospective employees.

D.  Skill is the key in performance of any task.

Y. Hard skills explain technical and logical aspects of a task and soft skills help an employee to accomplish a task effectively with a  positive spirit and creativity.

Q. No. 3.

X. Community colleges are the colleges which provide skill based education as per the need of local community.
A. Thus these colleges will be strategically located nearby some industry and small community or village so that it supplied the requisite manpower to the industry and employment to the community and village.

B.These colleges will be blessings for those students who are forced to leave their studies to earn livelihood and after some time they have time to study further.

C. Community colleges will run short term courses which do not require any previous qualifications.

D.These colleges will provide courses designed guided and monitored by local community and industry preferably through local community language.

Y. Community colleges will build a true partnership of all i.e. local community, industry and academia.
Q. No. 4.
X. It is a general tendency among human beings that as our familiarity with a person increases, our aversion towards him too starts going higher.
A. when the relationship grows deeper, it brings the   shortcomings and deficiencies of a person to the fore front.

B. As the relationship starts, the good qualities of a person come into notice and these attract the other towards him and his other qualities of lesser grade remain in the rear.

 C. The real qualities of a person are observed only when relationship with him becomes closer and go to the level of intimacy.

D. No person on this earth can claim himself or herself to be free from defects and shortcomings.

Y. A person by nature brings forth his better instincts and traits to show to others and tends to hide his weak points and shortcomings.


X. Traffic congestion is the obvious fallout of urbanization and economic development.
A. In fact in most of the parking slots it is not the dearth of space but its improper utilization that creates parking mess in a majority of the planned cities even.

 B. The problem stems from the failure of urban planning and the absence of a long term vision.

C. No doubt the vehicle density in various cities of India where a majority of households own personal vehicles is adding to the parking woes.

D. That well planned cities too would come to face a shortage of parking space is a sad commentary on the civic authorities and underlines its failure to take a suitable action.

Y. Besides this,  is the need of an efficient public transport system that will not only tackle parking woes, but also help combat air pollution.

Q.No. 6
X. Obesity is the fastest growing medical problem all across the world and has a huge negative impact in society. It is characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body.
A. Prevention is the first and foremost treatment of every condition. Therefore in order to fight obesity excess weight in childhood should not be ignored.

B.The excessive calories taken in by way of unhealthy ways of eating and overeating must be burnt to avoid overweight and this can be achieved by exercise, playing sports and changing dieting habits.

C. There are severe health complications related to obesity. It is  the single- most cause of several  associated diseases like diabetes, High Blood pressure, heart attack, brain stroke, blindness, kidney failure and  nerve damage etc.

D. It is considered a social stigma as obese people most often become a laughing stock and are incapable to perform any task due to their excess weight.

Y. It is of the utmost need to create awareness about obesity among people of all ages and areas as they are not aware of the serious complications related to obesity.

Q.No. 7
X. Changes resulting from human specific activities are the primary cause of global warming which is leading to alterations in the weather patterns and climatic conditions world over.

A. The reason behind global warming and consequent climate change is well established now that atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases have increased to an enormous level.

B. As a result, total radiation energy received by the earth system is higher and carbon dioxide is playing the pivotal role in this regard.

C. Earth’s atmosphere permits large part of solar radiation to pass through which carries energy to the earth’s surface.

D. There the energy gets converted into infra-red radiation and moves upward resulting in keeping the atmosphere of earth warm and this warming is called greenhouse effect.

Y. An immediate action at global level is urgently needed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide of which the main source are fossil fuels.


1.     Ans: DCAB
2.     Ans: DBAC
3.     Ans :DACB
4.     Ans: BCAD.
5.     Ans: CBDA.
6.     Ans: DCBA.
7.     Ans:CDAB 

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