Wednesday 21 May 2014

Technical Writing: A Wise Option

Technical Writing is an area of expertise in which the jargon filled complex technical processes are reframed into easy to understand language which even a lay person with little technical background can understand comfortably. In short technical writers specialize in writing technology for non technical persons. Examples of technical writing are online help files, project reports, instruction manuals, installation guides, medical journals, etc.

A technical writer should have an interest in science and technology. He should be really good in research oriented works. He has to conduct interviews, collect information through books, internet, etc. he should have good command over English language and must have an eye for detail. A technical writer is best absorbed in I.T. sector, medicine, product sale, magazines and so on. In fact a technical writer is an interface between a common man and a complex process that simplifies coded procedures of any product or process and makes it easy for users to understand.

Yogesh Ramani

Department of Communication Skills 

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