Thursday 20 March 2014

What is learning?

§  Learning is a change in performance as a result of experience, and is not attributable to maturation, fatigue, motivation, changes in the stimulus situation, or to other identifiable non-learning factors (Walker 1969).


§  Learning refers to the change in a subject’s behaviour or behaviour potential to a given situation brought about by the subject’s repeated experiences in that situation, provided that the behaviour change cannot be explained on the basis of the subject’s native response tendencies, maturation or temporary states such as fatigue, drunkenness, drives, and so on (Bower and Hilgard 1986).


§  Learning is a form of growth or change in a person which is manifested as new modes or patterns of behaviour… (which) shows itself as a skill, a habit, an attitude, an understanding, or knowledge or appreciation (Added interpolation. Kakkar 1993).

-vishal bhadani 

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