Friday 21 March 2014

What is English Language Teaching?

What is English Language Teaching?

The central concerns of ELT are finding answers to questions like:

  • What to teach?

  • When to teach what?

  • Why to teach it?

  • How to teach it?

  • What materials to use?

  • What methodology to use?

  • What tools of testing to use for measuring the outcome of these decisions?

  • How to correct the anomalies noticed?

What a Teacher of English would normally do?

In designing the classroom instructional plan, any teacher of English would focus on (1) the learners’ needs; (2) the creation of suitable opportunities for them to actually use the language; (3) the levels of abilities learners demonstrate; (4) highlighting instances of language use; (5) showing the way in which language is actually used; (6) the learners’ purposes in using language as each of them visualises it individually; and (7) the various functions that learners would need to be able to perform.

-vishal bhadani
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