Thursday 20 March 2014

My views on learning and language learning

vishal bhadani

I believe learning in an instinctual behaviour. It is natural to all animals. Some animals, like humans, have higher thinking capacity so they are (made) aware of the learning process. We are bound to learn various things; habits, cultural practices, gendered behaviour, languages etc. When we are aware of 'the process of learning', we think to making it faster and better, comprehensive and exhaustive, long lasting and productive (sometimes creative too) etc.

As long as learning was unconscious and for the survival purpose, it was an interesting exercise. 

Now that we are trying to learn things to create certain life situations and we do not want just survive but live.

When we try to superimpose some method of learning on learners, we encounter 'teaching'. Hurriedly  we take it for granted that teaching is possible.

Learning is natural to us but teaching is artificial. Teaching brings in homogeneity in terms of method, material, assessment etc. which undermines individual's way of thinking and expressing. 

Learning is an experience whereas teaching is an experiment!

Learning is a self responsibility depending on one's necessity.

In this regard, language learning is also a self responsibility. Teaching a language is simply providing ambiance of that language wherein learning can take place. It is also necessity based; why do I want to learn a particular language will decide my learning behaviour and subsequently my proficiency in that language. A few can be inspired not all.           

Teaching a new language limits the ways of learning that language. It is always better, then to learn that language without much "disturbance" of the language teacher!! 
Learn a new language as if it is the question of your survival, you will learn it rapidly.    

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