Monday 24 February 2014

Why to ask questions?


Its definitely a survival advantage to ask questions. Enquiring brains have slowly dominated others in human evolutionary track during their struggle for existence. Of course a cockroach seems to be good design even though it does not appear to ask questions. Asking questions and knowing answers is a basic necessity to survive.

Not only the ability to find answers, the ability to ask questions makes a difference. The more evolved one is, more questions he asks.

Our ability of thinking and language took the form of 'question'. Here is a pattern unfolding how we form questions and how our mind/brain functions:

1. What - categorize, comparison to known patterns, interlinking (What is this red round object? Apple >decision)
2. How - programs, routines, processes, sequences (How to get the apple hanging on this branch? Jump, Climb >action)
3. Why - reasoning, logical chains, connections, extrapolation, causes (Why did the branch broke and I fell from tree? Branch,thin,weak,breaks,I fall >relation)
4. When - references to memory, patterned sequences (When did I fall ? Saw apple,climb,branch broke > recall)

Questioning is our basic nature,which we apply to everything we come across and we are still improving this skill.

Besides, questions disturb status quo of various stake holders of knowledge, teachers for instance, which ultimately generate new knowledge! 

Ask questions to survive and live!
-Vishal Bhadani & The_Thinker 

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