Wednesday 19 February 2014

Importance of English Language

Today people speak many languages and English is one of them. English is very important language in today’s world to be successful. The gateway to the Thoughts and Culture “Anyone who can read English can keep in touch with the whole world without leaving his own house.” F. G. French.

India is a multilingual country. In India, English got the status of the second language. English is taught as second language in Gujarat (India). English language is used in each and every field; it’s called ‘A window to the world’ & Link Language. English is used in advertisement, hoarding, newspaper, railway station, post office, internet, etc. Even in rural area people consciously or unconsciously use English words. The fact is that in India that ‘learners of English’ have well realized that English is a ‘window to the world’. Information in any branch of knowledge – agriculture, economics, commerce, business, stock market, consumer products, history, and space-technology is available in English. English is a dynamic language in a world of ‘information explosion.’ It is a language of capitalism in the present day world. English is called the global language. 1.5 billion People know English; about 337 million use at their first language; about 350 million use it as a second language in countries like India , Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. in addition, there may be 100-1000 million people who are actively learning and trying to use English.

English language has attained the status of International Language and is being transacted at the School level and University level, both in the developed and developing countries. The level of English Teaching in India has increased after the British left India in 1947. It now serves as a Language of the Classes, a Language for Higher and Technical Learning and as a Library and Window of the world for Reference Medium. Many agencies in India including the British council have conducted studies to improve the teaching and learning of English as a Second Language and it should be developed to attain the globalization by achieving the quality education.

English is the language which is generally understood throughout the world and one can go to any part of the globe and carry one’s job with the help of the English language. It has created a better understanding among the people of the world and has broken down the barriers of nations and brought the people of various nations closer and into an interdependence. The following topics display the importance of the study of English in India. English as an International Language, English as a Window of the World, English as a Library Language, English as a Link Language. The Kothari Education Commission (1966), which examined thoroughly the whole field of Indian education, assigned a compulsory place to the study of English. It said, “As English will, for a long time to come, continue to be needed as a ‘library language’ in the field of higher education a strong foundation in the language will have to be laid at the school stage. We have recommended that its teaching may begin in Class V, but we realize that for many students not commence before Class VIII.”

Mr. Yogesh K. Ramani 

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