Tuesday 4 November 2014

Socratic Question-1

What is the difference between experimental research and action research (with special reference to research in ELT and Communication Skills)? 

Ms. Arti Kotak Department of Communication Skills, MEF, Rajkot 


  1. Difference between Action Research and Experimental Research
    Sneha Patel
    Department of Communication Skills, MEF, Rajkot

    Some of the differences between action research and experimental research are as follow:

    • Action Research solves practical problems, classroom problems and for development of educational practices whereas Experimental Research solves the practical problem by putting those into social psychological laboratory and finds out the real causes and remedies for those problems.

    Action Research is an Immediate and quick solution of a problem whereas Experimental Research takes time to create and apply the actual solution of a problem. It follows the trial and error methods.

    Its programme does not need more preparation in Action Research whereas Experimental research needs more preparation.

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