Wednesday 27 November 2013

Learn it Loud – with Gazal Pasnani

Audio books have become a 3rd gear of learning today. Audio books offer new English learners an experience that is similar to adult-child read-aloud time. Hearing a book read on tape helps one to see how the words on the page can come alive in a fluid, expressive way. It helps the learner focus on the sounds of words read without interruption and provides a model of fluent reading. Stories on tape help to grasp the rich and various ways in which language distills and conveys meaning. In addition, exposing one to a range of narrators and their different styles of reading will deepen his grasp of the reading process.
“37 percent of people say they’ve listened to an audio book, and the medium continues to become an important substitute for old-fashioned reading.” (Forbes)

English audio books are a great resource for students. As you are beginning to acquire and build your language and reading comprehension skills it will be important to also learn pronunciation and to understand the language as it is spoken. You can find a variety of English audio books online for free or for a small fee. Depending on the type of stories you are interested in—you will need to search for topics or authors that will provide you with an engaging experience.

When you listen to books you are able to follow along with the text and hear how an English speaker will pronounce different words you are unfamiliar with. This is the best way to learn new vocabulary and how to use specific grammar skills when speaking, reading and writing. English audio books provide an easy way to listen to a variety of action packed stories and then practice your reading comprehension skills. Once you have listened to the English audio book—you should be able to answer questions about the story that will reflect your understanding of the material. Once you are able to do this accurately—you should be able to move up to the next level.

Overall, an English audio book is the perfect solution when you are learning the English language. Not only will you be able to practice your comprehension, but you will also learn the correct pronunciation of many everyday words. 

Researchers have shown that our mind captures the heard things more as compared to read things. So, mp3 audio books can be a great learning material. Audio books listened during sleep are often more effective.

Some listeners really appreciate visually reading along as they listen, while others want to separate their efforts. Learners can experiment with both approaches so each one can identify which method works better for him or her. Some new English learners actually prefer pre-reading the print text before listening, while others prefer to listen to a chapter before visually approaching it. An important developmental aspect of adolescence is learning what engages you and how to do your best; audio books present an excellent opportunity for youth to analyze their own reading preferences and language strengths.

Get started today - focus on the sounds of words read.

Listen carefully and answer the following question:

1. Who was Harvey Maxwell? Why was he so busy?

2. Henry Maxwell's secretary's name?

3. What is Mr. Pitcher's designation at Maxwell's office?

4. What is the Climax of the short story “The Romance of Busy Broker” By O Henry?

**Below is a link to PDF of the short story “The Romance of Busy Broker” By O Henry

Aloha For Now

Gazal Pasnani

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  1. Answers:
    1. Harvey Maxwell was a stock broker in New York. The stock Brokers are generally busy with the exchanging business of shares. The stock Broker is just like a machine with a number of phone calls regarding selling and buying of shares.

    2. Henry Maxwell's secretary's name was Miss Leslie.

    3. Mr. Pitcher's designation at Maxwell's office was of a personal clerk

    4. The Climax of the short story “The Romance of Busy Broker” By O Henry -
    When Ms Leslie told to Maxwell that he was so busy in his works so he forgot everything. Then she tells that both of them have got married in the previous evening at 08 o’clock at the little church around the corner.

    By Gazal Pasnani