Friday 12 December 2014

My Classroom Activity-2- Mr. Yogesh Ramani

Ice Breaker Activity - Alliterative Introduction
Mr. Yogesh Ramani
Department of Communication Skills, MEFGI, Rajkot

Introduce yourself to the group with an Alliterative Phrase based upon the first letter of your name for example, “I am Yummy Yogesh.” & “I am Sweet Sweta.” and so on round the room.

Time: 30 Minutes

No. of Participants: Maximum 30

Level: This activity can be executed at beginner and at intermediate level

Alliterative Introduction is one of the best ice breakers if executed on the first day of teaching session with new learners.

For Learner:
·         You will get to know each other.
·         You will remember person’s name and unique quality.

For Teacher:
·         Teacher will be a facilitator.
·         Teacher can create comfortable learning environment.

How to execute:

·         Teacher will instruct to form a circle.

·         Learner will introduce his/her name by adding a describing and rhyming word before his name, for example;
1.       I am Beautiful Bhavisha.
2.      I am Gorgeous Gaurav.
3.      I am Handsome Haresh.
(Note: Learner can use any rhymed food name, adjective, or a word that describes him/her.)

·         Teacher can instruct intermediate learner to speak additional two sentences about himself/herself. These sentences can be from details about MYSELF.

·         Learner will introduce himself/herself in the above said manner along with introducing the person standing by his right side.  

·         The person to learner’s right repeats previous introductions, and introduces the person to their right.

·         Continue with the next person to the right, until all names have been repeated.

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