Thursday 26 June 2014

 Here is the task that You can use in a classroom........

Nonverbal Listening Test

  1.  What does the term nonverbal communication mean? 


  2. Give three examples of positive nonverbal communications:


  3. Give three examples of negative nonverbal communications:


  4. Rank order from most influential to least the following forms of
  nonverbal communications as the best indications of what a person
  may actually be communicating to you:

   _______ Body posturing
   _______ Position of arms and hands
   _______ Eye contact

  5. How much of the meaning of a spoken statement comes from the
  actual words spoken? (check one)

 …   a) 75%
 …   b) 7%
 …   c) 20% 

  6. If someone speaks in a monotone, what does this mean and what
  influence does this have on his or her communications?

  7. “Vocal variety” means which of the following? (check one)

 …   a) Traveling comedy shows of the 1920s
 …   b) The ability of a speaker to use inflections and pitch
 …   c) The ability of the speaker to use breathing techniques
   and do impersonations

  8. During a meeting between you and a co-worker, he or she moves a
  chair from behind the desk and asks you to sit down to discuss
  something. You could interpret this nonverbal communication to
  mean: (check one)

 …   a) He or she is trying to conclude this meeting quickly.
 …   b) He or she is distracted.
 …   c) He or she is ready to listen to you attentively.

  9. When a person crosses his or her arms during a conversation, this is
  an indication that: (check one)

 …   a) The person may not be in agreement.
 …   b) The person is totally supportive of the other person’s
   views and opinions.

  10. Nonverbal communication skills are important to be a good
  communicator. (check one)

 …   a) True
 …   b) False

  With Best Wishes............

   Deepali Agravat

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