Saturday 1 September 2018

Teaching Practice

Teaching Vocabulary through ICT: Quizlet

Dr Vipul Solanki
School of Languages, Marwadi University – Rajkot

As we know, building vocabulary is very crucial for learning any language. It is the familiarity with the words that help to read and comprehend a piece of text. Hence, teaching or familiarizing the learners with the words of the text which they are supposed to learn is necessary as well as helpful for them to understand the text well. Such an effort was made for the graduate students (BBA, BCom) who are learning English through an article Paytm: The Wonder Wallet, which is a part of the course Reading and Writing for Business, published in the business magazine Forbes – India.

Before starting reading of the article in the class, a group of words, which can possibly be difficult for the students to understand, was identified. Then, using an online tool Quizlet a lesson was prepared. Quizlet is a tool through which different methods of teaching and evaluating a topic can be created. Once the details of the lesson are feed on the portal, it will automatically generate a learning lesson, or various evaluation tools as shown below.

It generates the lesson under various categories like Flashcards, Learn, Write, Spell, Test, Match, Gravity, Live for learning and evaluation the topics.

The learners will be able to learn the words in terms of its meaning, pronunciation, and spelling. They will also be able to see how much they have learnt and retained by the evaluation tools and interesting games. To teach the aforementioned article, it was thought to be deemed fit to teach the words of the article first. To engage the students in the learning process and to make them retain the words, the ICT tool Quizlet was used which proved to be very helpful.

I am sure using Quizlet in your class too will be very interesting so give it a try and share your teaching stories here. It will also be fun to read about your experiences of such other innovative teaching practices. So keep blogging it here.

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