Thursday 19 April 2018

Book Released

A Postmodernist Critique of the Select Works of Amitav Ghosh


Dr J Vijayalakshmi
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Skills
Marwadi University

The book entitled A Postmodernist Critique of the Select Works of Amitav Ghosh by Dr J Vijayalakshmi, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Skills, Marwadi University was released by the renowned writer Ms. Bharathi Pradhan at Ahemdabad International Literature Festival on 24th December,2017. After unveiling the book, Ms. Pradhan congratulated the author for her hard work. Dr. Vijayalakshmi was given a session of 15 minutes to present her view points about her book. She spoke about the totalitarian concepts, consumerism, alienation and the technique of eternal ‘space’ and ‘time’. The postmodern values of totalitarianism are a struggle against the idealist concepts which are silenced by the society.  Man of today’s era lives in solitude due to the virtual boundaries of time and space. The truth and the real knowledge are decoded but it never comes to limelight as the rhetoric falls short of revealing the ‘Truth’ as ‘Truth’. Hence, it is the individual who struggles continuously to fix the truth:

 He struggles believing that,
 in every end, there’s a new beginning;
 in every failure, there’s a new lesson inscribed;
 in every disappointment, there’s a new confidential stance;
in every untruth, there’s a truth waiting to be explored;
Which tunes the ‘one’ to the ‘other’--the final truth.
 Yet, the rhetoric with its ‘gaps’ and ‘silences’ prevents
the declaration of truth.
But, the individual embarks on a mission, to legitimize the ‘Truth’–the beyond
with a hope that, the world will experience the truth,
 and the truth of inevitability
 and the truth of the ‘Other’,
 which, indeed defines the postmodern canon.

The programme ended with the Question and Answer session.

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