Tuesday 3 June 2014

Education cartoon-14 (Unlearning-3)

I thought they were values!!

vishal bhadani

One can start unlearning by discarding 'obedience' and 'conformity'; for both are injurious to curiosity and wisdom. Obedience stops one asking questions and conformity does not allow one to think even differently. They are not values, as schools consider and teach them, mind it!!!  


  1. When learning happens or it is made to happen systematically, should unlearning happen systematically? What is the way out? How to learn unlearning? Is there a method? Does it happen naturally or effort is required?

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    1. I believe asking the most fundamental questions to all the 'taken for granted' notions could be one of the ways of unlearning. For instance, is exam necessary? Is competition necessary?

      There can be another way; we can try to find resemblance to whatever we do in nature. If there is no resemblance, we should give second thought to what we do.

      There cannot and should not be any method of unlearning. Let each individual realize his/her own way of unlearning. In fact we do lot of unlearning from bad experiences, question is should we wait for the bad experience?
      -vishal bhadani