Wednesday 22 January 2014


Education system requires a serious overhaul, unfortunate is that educational and research institutions are administered by IAS

Prof. CNR Rao, 
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council

Recently Government of India has announced to confer highest civilian honour, the'Bharat Ratna' upon professor CNR Rao, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Councilto the Prime Minister of India. He has received more than 40 Honorary Doctoratesfrom various prestigious Universities across the World. A world authority on structural Chemistry, Rao taught at the IIT Kanpur, Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) Bangalore, Oxford, Cambridge and University of California in an illustrious career spanning over 60 years. He is also the foremost solid state and materials chemists in the World. Dr Rao has authored over 45 books on science, has held various prestigious government posts.
In an Exclusive Interview with India Education Review Dr Rao shares his 60 years of long journey with the Indian Scientific Space and discusses various radical changes required to bring change in the Indian Education sector. Prof Rao is also the Honoury President of one of the finest research Institution in the world - Jawahar lal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
Kindly follow the following link to enjoy an Exclusive Interview with India Education by Dr Rao :

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