Friday 4 April 2014

A Faculty Forum

In the knowledge century, discourse is the defining aspect of creation, dissemination and celebration of knowledge. In the case of education, discourse assumes even deeper significance because education is primarily and fundamentally the site for knowledge exchange. The quality of the knowledge exchange rests on the dialogue and discourse of the teachers engage in and inspire in their students. In the 21st century,teachers need to engage in discourse over the key issues of the domain unlike ever before. A faculty forum is an expression of a systematic platform for discourse of the teachers, for the teachers and by the teachers.

Theme of the Session:   
‘Using Language Lab for Teaching Communication Skills’ 
At a time when use of technology defines every process in the obtaining world, may it be banking, travel, healthcare or entertainment, it is a little outmoded to deprive education of the same. To lecture and lecture alone may not suffice for the complex and complicated challenges of language training. However, the use of technology in the teaching of language is not new per se. Language Labs have been around for some time now and if not, computer labs usually masquerade as language labs without anyone raising as much an eyebrow, or even a headphone!  When it is a question of training engineering students for proficiency in English, introduction of ICT assumes much more significance. However, technology is all around us and nobody is averse to it use in education. In fact, government and private sector institutions wholeheartedly promote the use of technology with attractive schemes and funds are, unlike the past, are not the issue.
Then what is the issue?  With their all seven shades of attitudes about use of technology, teachers of English hold the key.
Some of the questions that surround the use of language lab for teaching communication skills
are as follows:
- Are teachers equipped with the requisite knowledge to use language lab?
- Is language lab adequately suited for the purpose?
 - Is language lab armed with the software the only resource to be used?
- How can the other resources be integrated into language lab sessions?
- What can be the innovative practices in the use of language lab for teaching communication skills?

The discourse on these key issues requires responsible voices from the field. Those who are
practitioners have the responsibility to raise the bar for those to follow.


Ms. Deepali Agravat 
Department of Communication Skills
 Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions
Mr. Yogesh Ramani
Department of Communication Skills
 Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions
Mr. Rushiraj Waghela
Department of Communication Skills
Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions

  Opening Remarks:   Each panelist will get 5 mins for opening remarks.
  Panel Discussion:  After opening remarks, there will be Panel Discussion for 20 minutes.
Open House:  The Panel Discussion will be followed by Q & A with the audience. The Open House will be for 20 mins.

 Date:   April 04, 2014 Time:   09.00 am to 10.00 am
Venue: Seminar Hall, PG Building

We shall look forward to having you amid us.

Arti Kotak

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