Saturday 26 April 2014

Do you love films...? I do...!

If yes, you'll love this website...!

As teen agers most of us had those periods when our parents had said NO MORE FILMS and TV until x or y exams are over. The other times also parents were just liberals with our watching films. We used to wonder if we can ever have YES for all the films as long as we like. Well, it never happened in the past but you can make it happen now. There a website for all the film lovers in general and Hollywood film lovers in particular. This website will give, and your parents a valid reason to see films: i.e. English language enhancement. The website is:
Speechyard is a place, where English learners have a perfect opportunity to improve their English and expand language knowledge by means of educational entertainment. It is suggested that you watch your favorite films and music videos, and learn colloquial phrases by means of creating your own library, where you should train sentences you'd like to know. You may also communicate with other English learners and find new friends all over the world!
You just need to log in with your faceboock or e-mail id. You can choose from many languages of the world, including Gujarati and Hindi, for translation and grammar assistance. It is interesting to know that all the videos are embedded with English subtitles. While watching a video if you come across a new or unknown word, you just need to click on it…! And there comes a pop up window which will provide you the translation of the word. Now, isn’t it a fun way of learning English. Further, Speechyard also offers the reading of best books with the same facility of translation and language assistance.
So, give it a try.
If you find it useful…well, you are welcome.

- Mihir Dave 


  1. Good , in india people have negative attitude toward English which is spoken in English movies by native speakers, British council suggests to watch English movie to improve pronunciation.

  2. Nice effort.

    However my brief stint with the site felt that it doesn't work effectively when translation language is set to Hindi or Gujarati.

    Language is a living entity and translation is "Babaro Bhoot"