Wednesday 8 January 2014

"Desire for knowledge is the path of
desire for wealth is the path of 
Wealth is the chain that slaves wear,
Knowledge the kingly crown "

Knowledge gives the confidence of knowing and 'To know is to win' as Mahabharat says, "The ways of knowledge is superior to the way of action". It is a dynamic process, for it entails progress-not only scientific, technological and economic, but mental, physical and spiritual as well. Thus, it helps in both internal and external development of the individual. It makes one aware of the happenings around him, and also gives him the power of understanding, reasoning and analysis. Even today in such a materialistic world, where money holds a very important position, knowledge has even surpassed the crucial role of money. "The Pen is mightier than the Sword" holds good in this regard. That means 'Pen', which is symbol of knowledge, holds a more powerful position comparison to a 'Sword'.

 "Learn something,
for when luck is suddenly gone,
Knowledge remains,
and never leaves men alone". 

 Enhance your knowledge............................

-Deepali Agravat

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  1. It raises more questions than it answers. The argument is paradoxical in nature; on one hand Western philosophy considers 'knowledge' to be 'power', Indian worldview confirms it to be a 'purifier'. Hence, the question is can 'power' purify one? I think we need to have some discussion on this.