Tuesday 28 January 2014

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Writing Skills 

It's true that anyone can write. All you need is a computer with a keyboard or a pencil and paper to accomplish that. But it is untrue to think that anyone, even someone who uses the best writing enhancement software, can write well. Without practice and careful study, learning to write well is a skill that few individuals will ever master in their lifetimes. Even professional writers spend a lifetime picking up on all the nuances of writing. Here are some ways that you can improve your writing skills.

Most people are quite busy these days, which makes finding time for activities like reading seem quite impossible. But without reading often, you’ll never truly understand what effective and correct writing looks like. While you don’t need to read countless novels and massive encyclopedias, it helps to make a habit of reading short stories, news articles and other forms of written copy. This will ultimately help familiarize you with the different writing styles that exist.
Write Often 

You will never truly improve your writing skills without making an effort at it. Much like with sports, you need to keep active with your writing and establish healthy habits from the start. It’s better to practice for 15 minutes a day rather than for two hours, three times a week. Even if you can only dedicate a few minutes each day, it will become more of a habit and easier to dedicate time gradually.
Learn Grammar & Style

You will never find a piece of writing that is so mind-bogglingly good that readers are willing to overlook bad grammar. It is enough of a reading impediment that bad grammar can disrupt the reader’s ability to follow an author’s train of thought. People trying to build up their writing skills tend to get quite lazy when learning grammar because it’s a lot of work and is more academic than creative. But once you learn the rules, it’ll be easier to retain that information and apply it in future writing.
Love Peer Reviews 

Most individuals struggle in this regard because writing is a very personal thing. You’ve put your soul into writing out a document and it directly reflects your intelligence and passions. But when someone edits your document and starts pointing out flaws, it can feel like you’re being personally attacked. Don’t let this be the case. Take the comments and edits of others and integrate them into your own writing style. There is always something more you can learn about writing, as well as different ways you can fine-tune your writing style.

Read It Aloud 

A good practice when writing is to simply read your document out aloud. This helps greatly if you’re planning on using it for an oral presentation, but it can be helpful in other areas as well. Hearing your words rather than just looking at them can change your opinion of your writing and expose potential flaws such as pretentious terms, boring dialog and run-on sentences. 

So Pick up Pen and start to write something as WRITTEN REMAINS FOREVER...........!!!

BEST WISHES.............................!!!

Deepali Agravat


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