Friday 9 December 2016

CFP - IJHTE - January 2017 Issue

International Journal of Humanities in Technical Education
Invites Research Papers for the
January 2017 Issue

Sub-themes for the next Issue of IJHTE are as follow:
English Studies: papers based on the rise and development of English Studies as a discipline.
Translation Studies: papers based on issues and concerns of translation studies.
Comparative Literature: papers studying approaches, techniques and methods of Comparative Literature with reference to different schools and texts.
Diaspora: papers based on the diaspora literature highlighting migration, identity crisis, multiculturalism, language issues, cultural fusion, ethnicity etc.
Postcolonial Studies: papers dealing with the different aspects of postcolonialsim with reference to theoretical aspects and reading of literary texts. 
Women’s Writing: papers highlighting insights on Women’s Writing in the context of history, culture and literary representations.
Dalit Literature: papers studying Dalit sensibility as expressed in various genres of literature.
Indian Writing in English: paper exploring various themes, issues and crafts of Indian Writing in English across the genres.
Indian Poetics: papers dealing with various aspects of Indian Poetics with reference to both Indian and Western texts.
ELT: papers dealing with insights on ELT practices.
Film Studies:  papers exploring aspects of reading film as text, meanings of frames, themes etc.
Media Studies: papers on various issues of media studies.
Format: As per the ‘Author Guidelines’ given on

Note: There are no charges for the publication. Kindly send your paper/s at:

The last date for sending the papers is January 10, 2017.

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