Thursday 27 March 2014

WIPRO at 24th to 26th March, 2014
I am glad to inform you all that MEFGI has organized a wonderful FDP sessions on 24th to 26th March, 2014, at MB 403 Seminar Hall. The session was started at 10:00 am, on 24th with inauguration function in which all the Deans and the Registrars were presented to felicitate the expert from WIPRO, Mr. Satheesh. L. from Banglore. The agenda for three days programme was as below:
1.      Identify and Understand Engineering Attributes
2.      Experience Essential Engineering Attributes
3.      Role as an Engineering Educator
4.      Demonstration of Integrating Engineering Attributes in Teaching-Learning
5.      Action Plan
The workshop became relevant because much interaction held on to the topic, “How Faculties could inculcate Engineering Attributes in Engineering students”. The object of the session was to train faculties with different creative ideas through which they can play various roles before the students. The sessions shared authentic points such as Communication Skills, Team Building Spirit, Deep Learning and Social Responsibility. It became interesting because of the creative tasks given by the Expert. The session held on 24th March completely dealt with Communication Skills in which the important points discussed such as “Visual Communication”, “Vocal Communication” and “Verbal Communication”. It became lively because of the various creative tasks assigned by the expert to the faculties in which all the faculties worked in team.
The second session that held on 25th was dealt with various “Methods of Simplify” that covered methods such as:
1.      Analogies
2.      Visualization
3.      Demonstrations
4.      Examples
5.      Testimonials
6.      Statistics
7.      Facts
The second session also covered a very important attribute, “Deep Learning” in which the faculties learned the Process of Deeper Learning that can be classified as below:
1.      Remembering
2.      Understanding
3.      Applying
4.      Analysing
5.      Evaluating
6.      Creative
The second session ended by delivering the tasks for the next day to all the faculties in which the faculties as per their discipline have to present one topic before the rest of the faculties by using innovative method.
The last day of the session dealt in presentation. The faculties of all the departments, such as MECH, ELE, CIVIL, IT, CE, ES, CS, PH, came with different methods and different ideas, and presented their topics within time limits. At 4 o’clock, there was a valedictory function in which all the Deans, the HODs and the Registrars presented. They have issued the Certificates to the participants and congratulated to the Expert as well as the participants.
To sum up, the Workshop was excellent. I am sure that all the faculties certainly learned more from this workshop.

                                                                                           -    Deepali Agravat

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