Thursday 27 March 2014

Incredible! A poem that can be read backwards, written by 14-year-old

Read this... My 14 year old brother wrote this... Crazyyyy

- Derek Nichols (@DerekNichols0) February 26, 2014

Writing poetry is a tough ask. That this poem was written by a 14-year old makes it worth sitting up and

 taking note of. And that it can be read backwards makes this incredible.

This poem by a US teenager which was posted on Twitter by his older brother.  Derek Nichols, from North

 Carolina wrote on Twitter: "Read this... My 14 year old brother wrote this...Crazyyyy," and then tweeted a 

picture of the poem written out on a sheet of paper. In a month, over 150,000 likes and almost an equal

number of retweets on twitter - this 25-line verse has a completely different meaning from the top-to-bottom

 version when read in reverse.

Here's the transcript of the poem:

Our Generation

Our generation will be known for nothing.

Never will anybody say,

We were the peak of mankind.

That is wrong, the truth is

Our generation was a failure.

Thinking that

We actually succeeded

Is a waste. And we know

Living only for money and power

Is the way to go.

Being loving, respectful, and kind

Is a dumb thing to do.

Forgetting about that time,

Will not be easy, but we will try.

Changing our world for the better

Is something we never did.

Giving up

Was how we handled our problems.

Working hard

Was a joke.

We knew that

People thought we couldn't come back

That might be true,

Unless we turn things around

(And now read this bottom to top) 

source  :

written by-14-year-old-499322

Warm Regards,

Ms. Sneha Patel


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