Monday 6 April 2015

Art-4: Short Story "That Girl' by Sneha Patel

I don’t know from where to begin, I even don’t know what I am writing but it’s true. You are confused and so am I.
It was May 7th, I clearly remember. I didn’t know where I was, even I didn’t know what to know, what I wanted was to see that girl.
I didn’t know who was she? She was sitting there quietly, not uttering a single word and not breathing but her eyes were saying everything but I could understand the language of her eyes.
It seemed as if she didn’t want to hear anything but she was listening and understanding everything.

For the first time when I saw her, she seemed to me as if she was a statue, all still, not even for a breath she moved. When I looked in her eyes it seemed she was waiting for someone. I too waited to see for whom she was waiting. I sat beside her but could not dare even to ask her name or even talk to her about anything. She saw me, smiled at me and then again sat still. When she smiled at me, it seemed that she was asking me to wait and get all the answers of the questions rising in my mind.
Since morning we were there. Now it was evening, more time and it would all turn dark but no one came else a letter. It was from her teacher. I could only glance at the sender’s name, ‘Mrs. Shyama Arya, your teacher’. After reading the letter there was little smile on her face but she didn’t move. It was 8:55. I had to go but she was there, alone, still. I thought to ask her something but then thought let it be.
Next day again I went to the same park, she was also there. She was a total mystery to me. This continued for many days.
One fine morning when I was having my tea and going through the newspaper I spotted a news which shook me. I read it again, unable to believe what I saw,
‘Mrs. Shyama Arya’s daughter passed away’
Her daughter? When I saw the photograph of her daughter I was stunned. How could it be possible? It was unbelievable. Oh God! What is going on? But I wanted to talk to that girl anyhow: How can she die? So many unanswered questions bothered me. Now I had to find answers. I had to know who she was. Yes, this was that girl, Mrs.Arya’s daughter, whom I didn’t know who was a total mystery to me. Again I was there at the park. Oh God! What is this? Another shocking scene! She was again there and this time my curiosity spoke,
“You are dead. How could you be here? Who are you?”
She just smiled and vanished.
But still I didn’t knew the name of that girl, the reason why she died, the reason why was Mrs. Arya her mother and why did it was written her name as a teacher on that letter? She is still a mystery to me. I never saw her again and my questions are still unanswered. I have told myself that some reasons are never understood, that some powers and creation of God are beyond the scope of human understanding but the mystery continues…
                                                    ------The End------

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