Tuesday 9 December 2014

Research in Progress-2 - Ms. Deepali Agravat

A Comparative Study of Select Plays of Vijay Tendulkar and Mahesh Dattani

Ms. Deepali Agravat
Department of Communication Skills, MEFGI, Rajkot
(Ph.D. work is in progress with the same title)

We are living in the age of Globalization where one can talk about universal men, universal feelings and universal expression. As a term it may be new but it practice has been in vogue since the Vedic and Upanishadic times. The term ‘Globalization’ talks about universal men and their history and therefore while tracing the history of ‘Comparative Literature,’ one comes across a wide range of similarities and differences, interactions and reactions which help in understanding the artistic form and social importance of any literature. Secondly, as human nature is the same all over the world, its expression in different literatures, in different periods, is bound to have deep-seated affinities. Language and culture may be different but human sentiments remain essentially the same in all literatures of the world. Thus, it is quite natural to study the uniqueness of human consciousness in various literatures through a Comparative Study.

An attempt has been made in this research to make a comparative study of two great Indian playwrights, namely, Vijay Tendulkar and Mahesh Dattani. Since both the playwrights show marked explorations and experimentations in their plays, an effort is made to explore the areas of correspondences and variances in their plays. In addition, the study highlights the complex phenomenon of man-woman relationship in the twentieth century. It helps in understanding patriarchy and its unjust modes of behavior. Both are well acclaimed authors whose plays deal with issues like Gender prejudice, Corruption in politics, Clash between tradition and modernity, sexual identity which are of immense importance in modern urban India.

This Research Study thus examines the contribution made by these writers not only to Indian English drama but also to world English Drama.

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