Tuesday 5 August 2014

A Point of View on Self-Learning

There's always a better and saner way...

The process of education has always been a highly debated area of human concern. There are many scholars who have been suggesting that there's a dire need for "transformation" in education and not just "reformation". Here's one such scholar from the Indian soil, suggesting one such "transformation". Unlike, educationists from the west, he has opined his views in an Indian context. 

This film is part of the Nai Taleem Film Series. It is about the late Shri Dayalchand Soni, a Gandhian thinker, writer, activist, educator, and owner of a flour grinding mill in Udaipur. He has some very beautiful stories and radical ideas on education. Made by Vidhi, Praveen, Tushar, Nitin, Pannalal and Manish. Thanks to Shikshantar and Abhivyakti.


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