Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Contributor’s Vision of Success

Contributors have a deeper and wider definition of success than Non-contributors. While Non-contributors define success in terms of material success, achievement, external impact, etc., Contributors are able to deepen and widen this definition of success to include personal fulfillment, development of self-esteem, ongoing development of personal capabilities, etc.
Every man should take up his own ideal and endeavour to accomplish it. That is a surer way of progress than taking up other men’s ideals, which he can never hope to accomplish. For instance, we take a child and at once give him the task of walking twenty miles. Either the little one dies, or one in a thousand crawls the twenty miles, to reach the end exhausted and half-dead. That is like what we generally try to do with the world. All the men and women, in any society, are not of the same mind, capacity, or of the same power to do things; they must have different ideals, and we have no right to sneer at any ideal. Let every one do the best he can for realising his own ideal. Nor is it right that I should be judged by your standard or you by mine. The apple tree should not be judged by the standard of the oak, nor the oak by that of the apple. To judge the apple tree you must take the apple standard, and for the oak, its own standard.
Expand your vision of success......................................!!!
Best Wishes...............................
Deepali Agravat

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