Monday 28 October 2013

Invitation for the Conference

Dear All,
Greetings !

Nirma University is one of the premier university of western region. Nirma International Conference on Engineering NUiCONE, is  a flagship event of the Institute of Technology. This conference follows successful organization of four national conferences and three international conference in previous years. NUiCONE 2013 will be a a multidisciplinary event encompassing themes related to various disciplines of Engineering & Technology, along-with Mathematics and humanities. This year the conference is scheduled  during 28th -30th November 2013.

The objective of the conference is to bring professional Engineers, academicians and research scholars of matching interests on a common platform to share new ideas, experiences, and knowledge in various fields of Engineering and Technology. The scientific program will consist of peer-reviewed paper presentations in parallel technical sessions. In addition, keynote lectures, presentations by industry professionals, panel discussions, tutorials and poster presentations will be conducted during the conference. The conference aims to  ignite the minds of the researchers for undertaking more interdisciplinary collaborative research for up gradation of technology.

It has been felt time and again that English Language and Communication Skills is a integral part of Engineering disciple. Now is the time to bring idea exchange under the common umbrella of NUicone. Following are the sub-themes, our track Recent trends in Mathematics and Humanities in Engineering will encompass

·         The use of the internet and multimedia in language teaching
·         Modern pedagogical approaches and methodologies

·         Vocabulary development

·         Using literature for language teaching

·         Intercultural communication

·         Soft skills and personality development

·         Curriculum and syllabus design

·         Testing and evaluation

·         Interdisciplinary in English language programmes

·         Challenges in the present-day language classroom

         Changing paradigms in teaching communication Skills

On behalf of Nirma University , I invite you to present /submit paper. Selected papers will be recommended to IEEE Conference Publication Program (CPP) to include it on the IEEExplore website . It will be a learning as well as motivating experiences for us , if  you  will join us in our crusade to make disciple of Humanities more robust in the Domain of Engineering education. 

Looking forward to your participation 

P.S: Soft copy of the brochure for your perusal


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